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Natural Products to Improve Overall Health and Well-Being

Products and Supplements

We encourage patients to do home therapy and exercises to aid in wellness and healing. Home therapy may include natural supplements and accessories, which are available in the office. We offer a variety of products which include: cervical pillows, nutritionals supplements, essential oils, custom foot orthotics (shoe inserts), back braces, pain relieving gels, hot/cold packs, tens units, and much more.

Cervical Pillow

Cervical pillows help support your neck while relieving tension headaches, neck and muscle sprains, and whiplash injuries. They also provide sleep comfort.


Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that is for mild to moderate pain. It can also be used to relieve muscle soreness and even discomfort associated with arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or heel pain, back pain, and shoulder or arm pain. It comes in a roll-on, gel, or spray. Biofreeze is a product that aims to help people suffering from joint pain and discomfort.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for mind and body wellness. The pleasant and unique scents of essential oils activate the mind and brain center of emotion and memory. To help you fulfill a balanced life, use these oils and blends for diffusion, soothing baths, massage, inhalation, or topical application. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and with diminished energy levels. Essential oils help relax muscular tension, support healthy digestion, and increase immunity. Essential oils can help target your need to restore balance and feel your best.


Supplements can provide a safe and effective way to improve the quality of life. Many patients these days, with their busy lifestyles, do not get the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients can benefit by adding supplements to their diets.

Product Lines Offered by Jordan Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic

Nutritional Products

  • Standard Process – Whole Food Nutrient Solutions
  • Dee Cee Laboratories – Nutritional Products Since 1962
  • Id life- Customized Nutritional Supplements
  • Nutri-West – Nutritional Supplements

Kinesiology taping

  • Rock Tape
  • Theraband Tape

Tape turns down the volume on pain-

More specifically, it runs interference on pain. Ever whack your shin and rub it, and suddenly realize you feel better? Tape on the skin can interfere with painful signals which are directed to the brain.

When the signals arriving to the brain are altered, it does not produce the sensation of pain. When kinesiology tape is properly applied, many of our customers call it “magic” or think that it fixed their injury instantly. In fact, it helps to change how your body interprets pain, turning down the pain “volume” that your body hears.

Decompresses an area of swelling and inflammation-

When Tape is applied to the skin, it has a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between the many layers. This allows the by-products created by inflammation to be removed more quickly.

It delays fatigue-

Research has shown that Tape on skin can attenuate muscle fatigue. In rehab, this is very important, not only for the parts of your body that are currently hurting, but also for the surrounding areas as they help to pick up the slack for muscles that are currently not working well.

It normalizes muscle tone-

When someone is injured, fatigued, sick, or inflamed, the symphony of muscle action that normally takes place with great accuracy often falls out of tune. This can happen all over the body. For instance, research has shown that people who sprain their ankle tend to have altered activity of their hip muscle as a result. Tape helps bring dormant muscle back to life and help calm down the overactive muscles. It helps your body coordinate movement as if it weren’t hurt, hence allowing it to heal properly.

It distributes physical stress-

Unlike conventional taping, which prevents movement – Tape allows full movement of a taped area. Through elastic properties and quick recoil, Tape can help distribute forces to other nearby areas through the fascia, ligaments, and even bones.

Pain Relieving Products

  • Biofreeze
  • Rock Sauce
  • Sombra

Essential Oils

  • Young Living – World Leader in Essential Oils.
  • Essential oils can be used for pain, to enhance wellness, balance energy, even for cooking and cleaning.

Custom orthotics (shoe inserts)

  • Foot Levelers
  • Orthotics can help if you have: Flat feet, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, feet pain, help spurs, sciatica, leg length inequality, hip pain, low back pain, or knee pain.

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