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Personal Training Q & A

What Can I Expect During Personal Training Sessions?

A personalized plan made just for you and your fitness level and abilities based upon the assessment results in the initial visit.! We will work together to make sure we create a goal that is achievable and attainable with a busy lifestyle in mind. Knowing your " why " will motivate you to show up for your health and wellness journey, and having a committed personal trainer to be your accountability partner comes with your sessions here at Jordan Chiropractic!! Creating a warm, friendly, motivating environment for engaging in safe, and effective weight training, mobility training, and a place to bring you a fresh perspective to your physical and mental health! You will be taught about the muscles in your body, how to target those muscles that may be overworked or underworked, how to stretch, and move correctly to avoid injury, form is very important when training and learning how to move correctly can be very beneficial in your everyday activities! Exercise can be Fun and enjoyable and motivate you to make healthier choices all around, especially when you have people cheering you on and supporting you!

Benefits of personal training

There are many benefits of training, most people know a few reasons why Exercise is so important for our body and mind.
Here are some of the most important benefits;
Reduce your risk of Chronic Disease and health conditions- top 3 being : ( stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure)
Controls weight, prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. ( Consistency is Key) 150 minutes a week is recommended!
Improves mood and energy levels
Promotes better sleep

Personal training can be Fun and enjoyable!
Remember to check with your Doctor before working with a Personal Trainer to make sure you in good health to exercise!

Cash pricing for personal training/ other services:

Initial assessment appointment: (postural assessments, cardio assessments, functional movement assessments) $65- 45-1 hour session

Personal training sessions:

One on one training: $60- 1 hour session

$45- 45 min session

$30- 30 min session

Group training: ( 2-3 people) - pricing per person

$50- 1 hour session

$25- 30 min session

Packages one on one personal training:  ( discount applies for PAID IN FULL)

6 session package: $ 40-50  ( 45/1 hour sessions)

12 session package : $35-50 (45/1 hour sessions)

Packages for group training: (discount applies for paid in full )

6 session package: $30-45 ( 30/1 hour sessions)

12 sesson package: $25-40 ( 30/1 hour sessions)


first visit- $85

follow up visits- $45


$10 each area